OHSAS 18001
Occupational health and safety management system
CYS EN 12150:2
Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass
CYS EN 14449
Laminate safety glass
CYS EN 1279:5
Glass in building Insulated glass units



Fload Glass


Clear float glass has the following composition:
silicon, the raw material in the form of sand (70 to 72 %)
sodium carbonate, the flux, as carbonates, sulphates and nitrates (approximately 14 %),
lime, a stabilizer, in the form of limestone (approximately 10 %)
various other oxides such as alumina and manganese, to improve the physical properties of the glass, including its resistance to atmospheric pollutants
for body-tinted glasses, metal oxides can also be incorporated

Characteristics - Attributes

The density of glass is 2.5, which gives a mass of 2.5 Kg per m²
The compressive strength of glass is extremely high: 1000 N/mm²
The resistance to breakage on deflection is in the order of 40 N/mm²
Young's modulus (E) is equal to 70 GPa
The coefficient of linear expansion for glass is 9x10^ -6 m/m°k

Normal double-glazing units, shop windows, furniture, refrigerating industries, car industry, etc.