OHSAS 18001
Occupational health and safety management system
CYS EN 12150:2
Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass
CYS EN 14449
Laminate safety glass
CYS EN 1279:5
Glass in building Insulated glass units



Multi functional CNC machine

Technological innovation
The Alpa Series of CNC work centers utilize cutting edge technological innovations to process glass, using high quality tooling to handle both straight and shaped edges and cuts. These innovations are also made available for upgrade on existing Bavelloni machines in keeping with our commitment to customer service.

Productivity, flexibility,
Bavelloni manufacturers a complete range of glass processing centers to meet each customer's unique production requirements. From compact to large sizes, each Bavelloni CNC machine is designed for high quality and high speed processing combined with an easy-to-use interface.

High reliability with minimal downtime
Bavelloni understands that machine reliability is critical to any manufacturing operation, and builds equipment to high quality standards. To support our equipment, Bavelloni has implemented a vast network of specialized technicians throughout the world to offer on-site and telephone assistance keeping machinery running and minimizing downtime. Swift and easy change of format To maintain efficiency in a production environment, it is important to reduce set-up time yet maintain flexibility in planning. The Bavelloni Alpa Series is ideal for this function utilizing a patented P.A.V. system for the automatic positioning of suction cups. This system ensures precision placement while saving 30-40% of the set-up time compared to manual systems.
ALPA N series - Overview
The new "N" series has its roots in the well-known, consolidated and reliable technology of Bavelloni's CNC machines, and includes some important new developments to the user's advantage.

Presetting: a single device for horizontal and vertical presetting Protection devices: complete closure of machine, and removal of photoelectric cells New console with PC and CNC. The new CNC control with PC offers performance, flexibility and user-friendliness, because whilst the CNC manages and calculates machine movements (performance and excellent reliability), the PC communicates with the operator (user-friendliness) in a way that is easy and intuitive, with its Windows interface and simple, modern colour graphic pages. A new patented system, unique in the world, to position suction cups and centering devices on the work table in a completely automatic way.

Thanks to technology of the 4th axis and dedicated software, the operation is very easy and accurate, saving a lot of time and labour to the operator. The CAD is unified for all Bavelloni CNC machines, and is available in the main international languages. It includes a library of parametric shapes, and another of tempered door notches and doors covering the main hinge producers, including Dorma, Oxidal, Colcom and Galbusera. Connectivity with scanner and digitizing table.