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CYS EN 12150:2
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CYS EN 1279:5
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Thursday, 23 August 2012 09:28

Spider Glazing (Bolted Structural System)

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The bolted structural system is the less obtrusive, alternative to structural glazing, which holds the glass by means of visible metal parts and covers a small part of the glass surface. In some cases, the fixing holes can be drilled and countersunk, so that the bolts are embedded in the thickness of the glass itself. For small or medium glazing not exceeding 7m in height and 50m in length, rigid bolted system can be used. This system is often used for shop front at street level. It consists of all glass assemblies which may include one or more single or double doors, transoms, fixed side panes, entirely made of tempered glass, assembled by various metal fittings and stiffened by mullions also made of tempered glass. This traditional system consists of attaching the glass panels and the structure with rigid bolts and steel plates.
Modern bolted systems use knuckled bolts for fixing of the glass, instead of the common fixed bolt. Knuckled bolt allow the glass, submitted to wind pressure, to be
Flexible and make a continuous curve instead of a double curvature. It limits sensibly the tension in the glass at suspension points. The new bolt, which is completely sealed, was intended specially for roofs, but can be used as well in the elevations and has a special coating protecting it from wear and tear. The same coating also ensures the bolts are self-lubricant. On the inside there are two rings, which protect it from wind and water retention inside the bolt components to keep it flexible for life. Bolted glass systems are often used on main entrance elevations of the big buildings, so that one can have unhindered view into the building. This technique even enables architects to make curved facades with flat panes, because the rotating bolts can be faceted up to 7 degree

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