OHSAS 18001
Occupational health and safety management system
CYS EN 12150:2
Thermally toughened soda lime silicate safety glass
CYS EN 14449
Laminate safety glass
CYS EN 1279:5
Glass in building Insulated glass units



Interlaye used


Evasfe is an EVA-based (ethylene Vinyl Acetate) thermo-set interlayer film with 3d Crosslink capabilities and contains no plasticizers. It is developed, patented and trade mark registered by Bridgestone as an interlayer film for Laminated Glass / Polymers as well as for plasma Displays and photo-Voltaic modules.

Evasfe is the premium interlayer product. In the laminated Glass Industry it is experiencing strong demand growth in the areas of exterior and interior architectural and designer glass e.g paneling furniture, Facede tempered and special application smart glass. This is due to its unique performance and quality characteristics.

Highest interlayer laminating strength
Safety and durability
Easy room temperature storing
Highest productivity
Low waste rates
Best insert media compatibility
Good aging, u/v cut, insulation and optical properties
Total humidity resistance
High performance at both high and low temperatures


EVASAFE film for Laminated Glass exists in different blends: clear with UV-cut off at 380 nm, clear with UV-cut off at 400 nm, and milky-white. Other colors can be achieved by inserting a PET film in the desired color.

Standard widths are 1260 mm, 1800 mm, and 2200 mm for the clear EVASAFE with 380 nm UV-cut off, 2070 mm for the clear EVASAFE with 400 nm UV-cut off, and 1260 mm for milky-white EVASAFE. Standard length is 130 m. The 400-nm UV-cut off blend is delivered in a standard length of 150 m.